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Workers’ Compensation

Finding Help After Injury

Work should be a place where you can work safely. That is the purpose of legislation governing workplace conditions, however, accidents happen, especially when workplaces are not carefully maintained. If this has happened to you, you need help from a firm with a proven track record of handling workers’ compensation cases resulting in settlements over millions of dollars.

A Strong Advocate For Injured Workers

The workers’ compensation system is designed to make compensation available, but it is by no means guaranteed. However, at Carrazco Law one of our sole purposes is to recover compensation benefits for injured workers in California. We will stand by you throughout the process, answering any question you may have and guiding you through steps like:

  • Interacting with the insurance company. This can be a huge headache, especially because it can be easy to sabotage your own case if you do not know what not to say. We will take over communication wherever possible.
  • Making sure your medical bills are paid. Mounting medical bills are also a big source of stress for many, especially if you cannot work while you’re recovering. We understand that and can help you find a way to make sure your bills are paid while your case is ongoing.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company or going to trial. Hopefully, your case can be handled without a trial. However, if necessary, we have the experience to take on any opponent in the courtroom.

Recovery after an injury is hard enough so you don’t need the additional headache of having to face an insurance carrier that may not have your best conclusion in mind. Allow one of the skilled lawyers at Carrazco Law to take on the legal aspects of your case, so you can focus on your health.

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