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Civil Rights

You Need A Defender

State and federal laws are both designed to ensure that your rights are protected. Yet, in today’s politically charged world, it is crucial to hold the police accountable for their treatment of the public.

At Carrazco Law we dedicate our practice to helping those who have been victimized, and give special focus to people who have been mistreated as a result of their ethnicity or economic status.

Bring The Police To Justice With Our Help

Our attorneys have lengthy experience helping clients throughout California, with a wide variety of issues. We help people who have been the victim of police abuse and misconduct, including:

  • Brutality in both arrest and holding. You are protected from violence when in police custody by law. They cannot harm you: If they have, you may have a case for police brutality.
  • Racial discrimination. Race is a protected class under California law. You cannot be discriminated against, whether by the police in terms of racial profiling or anyone else.
  • Excessive force. Officer and police departments are trained to use appropriate force when detaining or arresting someone. When they use excessive or unreasonable force and you or a loved one is injured, you have rights.

Our clients come from every racial and socioeconomic background. Our lawyers are very experienced in this area and have taken on countless cases successfully.

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